Why Network Marketing doesn’t work!


…. For most people! 

3 years ago I started working with Network Marketing, and it’s no secret that the journey has been tough! When you start as a new distributor, you have absolutely no idea how to start or how to work this business.

I wasn’t any different!

In August 2015, I wasn’t any different! I was new, didn’t have any knowledge on how to do this and also didn’t have ‘the dream big’ mindset.

But what I had and still have, is a strong will, and failure isn’t something I’m a fan of. So I wanted to succeed and I wanted to see if I was able to DO THIS! At the beginning, it was all about me not failing! I started working the business the best way I could, which was talk and share stories about the products. And soon I saw what little effort I had to do, to earn extra money and also be able to help others do the same….

So I thought, I gonna es this shit! And my goals got bigger and my dreams changed!

But everything isn’t that easy!

But… if it was that easy, I would be sitting sipping drinks at the Bahamas right now! And I aren’t! So…

Yes it is HARD work! And I learn that, by the ups and downs on my way! Have I wanted to quit? Yes, several times! But every time, I remember why I wanted to change what I have…

So it’s not easy to become successful in this business, but if you work hard for it, and are willing to make it, no matter the consequences, then you can live a life that’s most people dream of!

I learned that, by ‘reading’ (aka listening to Audio books) like The 4 year career and Get over your damn self! So by getting new knowledge, I saw the big picture.

I needed to WORK the business to be able to BECOME successful.

Why network marketing doesn’t work!

I actually thought at first, that what I did on my Social Media, was working the business. Because it worked! But what I realized was, I was only doing the marketing part of the business, not the IPA (Income producing activity), but as soon as I stated working with that, things changed.

And let me tell you a secret, the IPA is actually the quit or double, in this business.

This is why most people say that Network Marketing doesn’t work! Because they aren’t willing to DO the IPA, and WORK the business as it is required to become successful!

So what am I willing to do, that 80% of the people in this business aren’t?

It’s actually quite simple –

  1. TALK to people about the products and share my story with them.
  2. TALK to people about the business opportunity and show them how this business works.
  3. Don’t let a NO bring you down! This is not for everyone – remember it’s not you they are turning down it’s the opportunity.

To sum it up!

If people wanna change what they got – they need to change what they do.

And most people are not prepared to step out of the comfort zone and grow along the way. This business is like a education – you need to get the skills to work the business by learning, both by getting new knowledge AND work the business. This is just more fun, as you get paid while you lean.

Soare you one of the 20% and stand out or are you going to be like the 80%?



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