2017 is coming to an end, and what a year it has been! Both family and business wise.

The year started out with my team and I launching a Bootcamp, that made a bunch of powerful people change their lifestyles completely! And all we did was show them how to use a simple system that gives you the basics and helps you regain strength to say NO! Also we made it possible to start up training lessons and stick to it!

Next up, I took a trip to Sweden, for the company’s annual Start of the year Gathering. A weekend filled with inspiration, motivation and new learning. The best part of this weekend, was that I could celebrate my team member and get new title! We popped the champagne and sat new goals!

My goal was to become Manager in February – and when I set a goal, nothing can stop me… So by the 28’th February I could celebrate my new title! 3 month early than first planned! And how so?! Well my mindset chanced at the end of 2016! And since January month was the best month in my (at that time) business, I could see the future I planned and went for the GOLD!

Dreams came true!

April came, and I vent to Dubai! A BIG dream of mine! I have always wanted to go to Dubai or Abudabi, since I saw Sex and the City the Movie. And by doing the work as a Networker, I was able to for fill that dream. And it was amazing!!! just as I thought it would be. Lots of glam, big cars, party, a city that doesn’t sleep, incredible beaches and wild sky scrapers. Unfortunately I didn’t get to visit Burj Khalifa, but I took a picture standing lookin at it. So – well, just need to go there again!

Then me maternity leave cane to an end. And I quit my job and started my own lifestyle company- selling some quality products and helping others to do the same. I want from mum to mumpreneur and went from having a boss to being my own boss. Also something that I have always wanted. Now I’m a professional networker! And fucking proud of it.

At summer, I had a lot of work, so no vacation to me! But luckily I could plan my work, so my family didn’t lack my company in the weeks af vacation – I just brought my phone or lab top and then got some work done.

Summer time!

Summer also was filled with lots of adventures and learning. Started with a paid trip, to Sweden once again. The annual Company Summer Party, with 4000 other Business owners. My team and I was excited to attend and at this party, I went on the stage to get my recognition of my hard work. I went home with new knowledge, friends and also a powerful team, ready to work for their dreams.

In July, we celebrated our two boys. The first birthdays of many as brothers! We had the best day! And then the family and I went to Jutland to attend the annual Summer Camp. Here I got to hear speakers as Big Al and Jayne Leach! This was a wild camp, went home with a whole new mindset, and my business has only bloomed extremely since then.At the end of August, my team and I attended Succes Days. Last year I went ‘alone’ with my 3 month old baby ‘Buddha’, but it was really a great thing to have your team with you. And next year we are even more!

It’s also been the first year where I have had a Christmas dinner with my team and also the first year, where my team has been apart of my plan to Kick Off 2018 the best way possible.

Success doesn’t come easy!

2017 has as you can read, brought me lots of joy and don’t misunderstand me when I tell you, that it hasn’t all been easy to get to where I am today!

As I look back at the year and see what I have accomplished I’m proud. It has not been easy, but I’m not one of those people, who you can get down easy! So with determination and focus, I have created a life and Business I don’t want a vacation from! And Icannot wait to help many more in my team reach this goal. Where they are free to choose the life they dream of!

By that – Ican say that my year 2017 is a year where Ican look back and say I F*****G DID IT!

Happy new year to you and your loved ones!