The TEAM is my diamond – they are the heart of my business!

Maria Vallenquisth – married to Kasper, together they have Rosa and Tilde

‘It was not a deliberate choice that I ended up working with Tamara. But when it was her offering me the opportunity, it was an easy choice to get her as my mentor. And I am really pleased with our cooperation. She sets her team before herself and leads by example all the way to the top.

I chose to work with this unique opportunity as I could see a future investing in myself and the family. And when the company you start working with, has some amazing products that benefit the family from inside and out – I couldn’t see any reason why not to start building a bright future for my family.

In addition to the amazing products, the company we are working with has already given me several great experiences. Among other things, I can say that I have now been dancing on a beach in Dubai and had my toes in the water overlooking the world’s most expensive hotel!!! An experience I had not had if I haven’t got myself into this lifestyle. And then in only a few months, I have also developed a huge self-development, both on my personal and professional level.

I am deeply grateful that Tamara believed that this lifestyle was something for me and I’m glad that I have her support on my way to the top.’

Ellen Brauner Knudsgaarad – 26 years old, working part-time with her business. 

I actually started this business 2 years before I met Tamara. But after 2 years without any real results, I joined Tamara’s team of entrepreneurs.

Tamara contacted me at Instagram and offered her help. I said yes, as i didn’t have anything to lose. It’s the best decision I’ve taken in the business. She is a great team leader, and there is no doubt that she loves this business. This infects me and gives me a fantastic drive.

The reason I said yes to this opportunity and to work with this business was that there is nothing to lose and everything to win. One can not only get financial freedom but also a lot of experiences, learning and not least a lot of fantastic people into life. I would never be in addition to this opportunity.

Having Tamara as a coach has helped me incredibly, and I do not doubt that with her help I will achieve my goals.