What people think I do – and what I really do…

10 – yes!!! 10 years ago, when I head about this business for the first time in my life – I thought ‘ what is that!’ And I honestly told my self, that I would never in a billion years work like that… being this home party old lady that sells funny stuff to people!

Well, now I’m the fool! Going to celebrate my 3’ed year in this business – a business I can’t see why I didn’t start working earlier in my life!


We all think that one thought!… isn’t it that pyramid thing?!

Well, I thought so 10 years ago… honestly I did! And I wasn’t easy to in roll and start a business with! But I’m damn curious, focused and determined! And what I saw 3 years ago, was that IT wasn’t what I thought it was!

My little tiny brain just didn’t know what it knows today… the fact that anyone can earn the ‘big box’ – and everyone gets the same opportunity, the same knowledge, the same bonus system…. BUT it’s all about how you use it and if you’re willing to take action and change of what you have today!

Actually, the Network Marketing industry is the fastest growing business in the world!

And you know what… it’s a completely legal business. That can be done when you have the time, and the good thing about it is that you earn your own money and you set your own phase!

Here’s a thought – when you think about NWM, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Well, if it’s pyramid – then ok… let me please hear your thoughts about what pyramid is? Because 9 out of 10 don’t even know the difference between a pyramid scam and NWM!

I’m not gonna go into details – but if you think that I work with pyramid scam, then let me ask you…, have you ever earned more money than your boss? No… okay, have you ever recommended a product or a service for another person or company to your own benefit? If it’s still a no! Then who got the money for your recommendation? A person in the company or your boss?

My point is – I don’t have someone who gets the money I make! I don’t have a boss that earns more than me. In fact – my sponsor, the person that introduced me to this business is making less money than I do, and there are several of these stories out in the world!

Did you see the difference?

I don’t know if you see the difference – most people do, but if you’re short sighted and only want to see NWM as a pyramid scam, then so be it!

I’m only telling my point of view and what I saw. That there is a huge difference between the 2 words and way of working!

  1. First up – NWM requires a product to sell, just like any other business – wherein a pyramid you don’t have a product!
  2. In NWM you don’t give your sponsor money, you bye your starter box, just as you would invest in a stock for any other business. Where in a pyramid your sponsor would ask you for the money to get started.
  3. In NWM, you can earn more than your sponsor, as it depends on how much you work. In the company I work with the maker plan is so safe that anyone can become successful and anyone can do it. Plus your paying line stops at a specific place in your organization and it is the company that pays you, not thepeople, whereas as in a pyramid all payments must go to the top and you need to give money to the person that showed you the ‘business’
  4. And the fact of them ALL! NWM is legal where Pyramid is a crime where you can go to jail, for building it!

So by that… I have stated the facts!

And I know that this is not a normal way to work and that it’s not for everyone. And that’s ok, but don’t judge the book by it’s cover!

But to sum it up – I stated my business in a box, working part time and gaining extra money by recommending products and then I started helping others do the same! That’s it!

Hope you found this post valuable. Thank you for taking the time to read it and please comment if you have anything on your mind.

XO / Tamara

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