How to earn extra money at Christmas Season.

So Christmas has come upon us – and by that, it means, gifts, gløgg, and Christmas calendar. I’m to set sail on this year’s calendar in cooperation with Bloggers By Heart – follow our daily calendar here.

What I would like to share with you, are the economic standards about Christmas and an outstanding opportunity. We all know that December is one of the most expensive months of the year, infect it’s most likely one of those months, where some people go out and make quick loans, just to afford the presents for the family.

It saddens me to see all the commercials on the television and also on the internet, that lures with fast loans, with a back payment in X month next year. But most people get fooled, as they forget to read the text written in small writings. Which are the important stuff regarding loans – it tells you the sky-high interest rate and also annual ÅOP!

But why take loans? Why risk you and your family’s economic future? Because that is what happens! If you do not have the money in December, will you then have money to pay back with interest rate? I guess not!

But WHAT IF – you could earn money during December? Be able to give joy to your family, without getting a debt?  Or what if you simply just could earn extra money to buy an extra gift or perhaps THAT GIFT that your child, mum, husband etc. always wanted?

How to earn extra money!

Don’t worry, you do not need to stay at work 10 hours more a week, so your boss can pay you more at the end of the month! That’s not how it works.

What you can do, is simply start up your own little home-based business where you can offer your guidance and your network and to the family. By so you are able to earn extra money, just by giving your help through December. Who wouldn’t love a personal shopper? Make your family and network see, that you are willing to help with the presents and that all they need to do, is give you a list of which products from your shop they like to put under the tree.

You can also host a Christmas event at your house. Invite your friends, family, and nabors to your opening of your home-based business. Let them see all the products and treat them with the holiday spirit, by letting them taste, smell and feel the products. Also, make your house into at Christmas VIP lounge – give them gløgg, treats, coffee, cake, and eggnog. Let the community see, what YOU have to offer!

If you are able to, then go and host VIP sessions for your friends and family, make them see that you care about them. Bring the holiday spirit, give them a neck massage, let them try the quality products that you have started using yourself.

How to start up – and get to earn extra money at day one!

All of the above might seem overwhelming and you might also be thinking, that you need a big investment to start up!

Well, the fantastic thing about this business and this opportunity is, that it is risk-free, it is free to sign up AND you got all the help you need all the way! Read more about how I work, what I can offer you and how easy it is to start up, right here

All I really want for this Christmas this year is, to help as many people as I possibly can, to earn extra money and to start working on giving their lives more value and more freedom. What if 2018 could be that year where you don’t have to think about paying the loans from last Christmas back? Or what if 2018 is that year where you and your family are able to take a vacation, without having to save money on other things?

Start by giving your December 2017 a boost, by doing something for you and your family. Send me a text and I’ll make sure to guide you all the way!

Thank you for making time to read this post, tomorrow the Christmas calendar will continue at, so make sure to read her post at 9 am.

Blessings to all of you and have lovely Christmas.

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