How to celebrate life!

Even the small stuff!

Most people forget to celebrate life, as they roll into a daily routine. Do you know that feeling? Just trying to hang on and keep up the smile, even though you feel like screaming! Maybe you don’t think your life is like that because you have loads of fun and you get up each day with a smile on your face. But are you really that happy? Are you celebrating the small and through stages in life? because most people hide and turn into a mess when life strikes and get hard!

And trust me!! I’ve been there, I’ve been the mess and the one that chose to turn in to the grumpy self-destructing asshole! And it’s not fun at all. and you end up being that one person you really don’t want to spend time with – and the bad part about that, is that you can not run from the person.

But what if I could give you 5 simple things to implement in the daily routines that can help you celebrate even the dumbest things in life?

I started using these 5 simple steps every morning about 6 months ago when my mum past away. Simply because I started self-reflecting and looking in the mirror and saw that the person I was looking at, was a TOTAL wreck! So I decided to do something about it! And her is what I did:

  1. Find out was is nagging you! Is it your work, the daycare centre, the laundry piling up, the dinner making, people around you, people that are not around you, lack of energy, negative thinking… etc. etc. – AND take action on changing your thinking about it! But how? You decide to… make a list of the things that are nagging you, then read it out loud, while putting in the words ‘I love before each thing’! I know it sounds crazy, but trust me, it helps. If you feed your mind with negative vibes your output will be negative.
  2.  Say the list out loud to you every morning! When you memorise it, burn the list and start letting go of the bad feeling.
  3. Make a power playlist and listen to it as soon as you can in the morning, perhaps on the way to work!
  4. Create new habits! This is really important, as new habits remove old ones. And you are already on your way just by doing the number 1-2. For example, if dinner is a thing you hate doing, make it easy to do weekly. Make a weekly food plan so you know what you are doing each day – and shop the groceries once a week. Plant food in the freezer that can easily be made the days you are not up for cooking a big mail for the family!
  5. The most important one – DO THIS FOR YOU! Rember you need time to be you. You need time to do things you love to do, not with the kids or your friend or your hubby! No this needs to be ONLY YOU TIME. Like running, going to the gym, reading a book or listening to an audio.

I know it seems hard to fit in if you are deep in with your self-destructing life! But you will soon be able to celebrate even the smallest things in life. Like dancing while you cook, or singing while you are in the bath, or laugh when people bring you down or disappoint you!

Let me give you an example! Just a few weeks ago I got a message from a close friend, and the message got me so angry and on fire inside, that I just wanted to call her and tell her how stupid she was! But I didn’t. I instead make a call to a close friend an asked her for advice, talked the whole thing through and started looking in the mirror! Telling my self, that she was not the one to bring me to this position. So I turned my anger into something positive – I chose to look at the dissepiment as if she had told me to go get the start for me! Because what she actually did, was help me get my fire on and just keep up working on being a better me!

Do you see my point… even though I’m in a state of mind where I always look at the positive side, I can still get the negative feeling!

Today I’m celebrating the feeling she gave me – I’m celebrating the cooking that I normally hate, I celebrate the meanings that people have regarding my business, I’m celebrating my to monkeys being a nightmare at times (thank god the can be)!

I’m simply celebrating life! And you can to….

XOXO Tamara.

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