Mother of 2 amazing boys and with the love of her life! …

Tamara has always been ambitious, always wanted more, never really just wanted to settle – she’s always had a burning desire and passion to really do something for me.

Tamara is 35 years old, from Denmark and half Italian. She lives with the father of her 2 boys and been with him since 2008. Tamara has several educations, but not one of them has been able to get the fire going! She’s a personal trainer, fitness coach and has a degree in purchasing and has worked in real estate and fashion. But the passion to work wth healt and fitness grew aftter becoming a fitness instructor. But starting up her own business was to expensive….

SO in 2015, when Tamara was offered an opportunity to start her own business. She at first said no, because she just started a new job and time wasn’t right. But she tried the products and started sharing her stories with them, and within 6 months, she saw what she could do with this business.

At her previous job, she had become just another piece of the puzzle! In their opinion, you could get moved around as they deemed it to have cost beneficial terms for the company. But she is NOT just a piece of a puzzle! She is a woman with a good brain and a strong will – and not that easy to knock out!

So in 2017, after my maternity leave, she said goodbye to the ‘normal’ work life and with butterflies in her stomach, said hello to the MUMPRENEUR lifestyle. 

She really wanted to be her own boss,  and working fewer hours but at the same time, get a higher salary! And what job can give you that luxury ?? You know – Getting a full-time salary, working part-time, flexible AND from home – the fewest people can do this with a normal job. So with 2 little children in the family,  that wasn’t supposed to live an institution’s life, she went to ‘war’ against the Danish ‘jantelov’. 

She decided to go all the way with the Network Marketing business and have in no way regretted the choice. Being a mother is life and she will do everything to get more time to be with her children and family. And to be able to provide them with all needs necessary, she is a big fan of this way of working – this is more a lifestyle than a job! as my job surrounds the family and not the job controlling when shes able to spend time with the ones she love the most.


With a strong company having your back – you can come a long way!

With this strong world leading debt free company, you are able to build a solid business and help others to do the same. By the understanding of the brilliant market plan and the way, the work it with this business you simply get inspired to do more.

So what is your motivation?

Perhaps you want to travel more without having to think about money in your account?

Perhaps you want more control over your schedule an opportunity to participate in children’s school activities?

Perhaps you just want to earn extra money to sweeten your everyday life?

Perhaps you just want more quality time at home with your family?

Or maybe you have always dreamed of having your own business?

No matter what your motivation is! So let’s take a look, maybe I can help you.